Words From A Friend

I’ve known Megan for a good amount of time now and I immediately felt, when I met this amazing lady, that we would be fast friends.  There is a reason for this confidence and anyone who spends any length of time with this woman would likely figure it out as quickly as I established that I wanted to get to know her better! 

Megan’s energy is incredibly positive and inviting.  This bodes well for her as a business owner for countless reasons, especially where the products and information she is offering both in her store and at parties, are concerned.  One must, and this is a non-negotiable, feel 100% comfortable when addressing any staff in a store offering products that will help them on such an intimate and personal level. 

The first thing a consumer feels when they walk into Megan’s store or speak to her, even via email or messenger, is comfortable.  Not only is this store owner incredibly knowledgeable about her products, but she is also overwhelmingly insightful and gentle in her delivery of any information relating to it. In the offering of any advice on practices on the sexual level, Ms. Thompson is the one I would be drawn to.  Megan makes it clear to anyone before talking to them, that the information she offers is not medical advice but based on education, research, experience and other consumers’ opinions and experiences so that the customer understands it might not necessarily apply to everyone.   

To have an individual like Megan Thompson, operating a business such as this, proves to be incredibly beneficial for consumers.  Although the public comprises some individuals who are not necessarily ready for this kind of business, Megan is gently and slowly showing her community that there is absolutely no shame in seeking information about her products, going into the store or shopping online to see what is available, and how it would help them and reaching out for information regarding said products.   

Maslow’s Hierarchy of essential human needs demonstrates that sexuality is crucial in the healthy development of the person.  On the psychological front, it is clearly stated as a need.  One’s well-being is compromised if they do not feel satisfied, complete, and personally fulfilled.  Socially, intimacy is crucial.  One’s self-esteem is also impacted if issues are being experienced sexually as well as the need for self-actualization.  When one is feeling inadequate and unfulfilled sensually, their happiness is lessened, potentially, they may feel as though they are not reaching their full potential.  What Megan Murray is trying to answer, is one’s need to address and rectify whatever might be preventing them, on a sexual and personal front, from being the best possible version of themselves, and she is achieving that goal with so many already.   

We also must not negate the fact that once we’ve achieved a favourable level of satisfaction, there is always room for fun and trying new and exciting products to take that to the next level, which is also something you can find within the walls of The Magnum Experience. 

One must not solely focus on the products mentioned so far that Ms. Thompson offers, but we can also highlight the fact that this store owner has considered all possible angles as the owner of a store such as this.  The store stocks plus and regular-sized lingerie, and the store owner is always looking for products and items to purchase to continue improving her customer’s experiences.  Having such an empathetic, attentive, and willing store owner means there is an incredible amount of potential for this business and its customers! 

In offering this bio about Megan Thompson, one cannot possibly go without including a mention of the incredible amount of love this woman has for her young son, her loving partner, her family, friends, and her entire support system.  This spills over into a love for her community. 

To see Megan with her partner Danial and her beautiful son is to see pure love.  One cannot fulfill such incredible things in life without the love she is surrounded by on a daily level.  It is inspiring to see a team like Danial and Megan.  Danial is incredibly supportive of Megan’s efforts and is constantly offering whatever support she needs to allow her to thrive in whatever she is doing.  Lovingly nicknamed “Bubba”, her son is always by her side and has become one of the several reasons people come in to see her.  This is a family affair and most customers who don’t already know this will likely pick up on it when they walk into the store, in Kirkland Lake.  This too contributes to the feeling of ease and comfort Megan offers and maintains.  The famous saying “It takes a village to raise a child” would be especially applicable in this situation as many have been supportive of Megan and Danial as this business endeavour started and continues evolving into bigger and better things.  The ‘child’ is both “Bubba” and the business itself, as Megan has rallied a good number of people, working with each person’s strengths, seeking their insight, then growing from there.   

When it comes to empowered women, Megan would be the epitome of what it is to be determined, goal-driven, resilient, incredibly strong, and utterly unbreakable.  I, for one, admire her unwavering strength and respect her level of knowledge when it comes to what she sells in her store. You cannot possibly go wrong with Megan as you will see most of what I’ve mentioned in this short bio as soon as you reach out to her.  You will not be sorry if you do.  Even if you don’t purchase from her, you will return to her when it is time for you to, as she carries products that she knows her customers want and need and she listens to what they say about the products and their needs.   

On a more personal front, Megan, Danial, and Bubba, deserve nothing but the absolute best of the best in life and I sincerely and wholeheartedly hope that this community continues seeing the positives in what she brings to it with The Magnum Experience.