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Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone

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Warren was the boy Kate always had a crush on as a girl. Her brother’s best friend. And his murderer. A decade after Warren was imprisoned, Kate’s life hasn’t quite turned out how she’d have liked. She works for her father’s seedy nightclub-turned-casino, trying to outrun her suicidal thoughts, knowing that eventually she’ll run out of breath. But when her father loses the business—and their house with it—Kate’s breathing finally begins to stutter. Kate was the little sister Warren had always wanted. And the daughter of the man who framed him. Finally free, Warren’s only goal is to enact revenge on the man responsible for ruining his life. A twist of fate made him a billionaire, but ruthless tenacity will ensure he gets what he wants. Except he finds Kate where he left her all those years ago, and suddenly his feelings for her aren’t so sisterly after all…

WARNING: Heart of Stone is a dark romance so there are triggers scattered throughout: false imprisonment, being framed for a crime, abortion, pregnancy, knife play, spanking, drug addiction, gambling addiction, car accidents, loss of limbs, torture, poverty, revenge porn, physical violence, depression, suicidal thoughts, suicidal actions, murder, rape, human trafficking, CSA, prison, foul language, and, of course, explicit sex.

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