Behind The Experience

The Magnum Experience is the only one of this type under sole-proprietorship that offers both in-store and in-home parties for the hosts and guests, while also operating a store.

Products/inventory is brought to the location chosen by the party host and rewards are granted to the individual initiating the event. The parties are booked through Facebook, word of mouth and past party attendants.

What allows this business to stand apart from the rest, is the fact that we also carry lingerie, and adult toys and, this business owner can bring any or all items in stock, to the consumer for an in-home party throughout the District of Timiskaming.

Hosts are this company’s star, and they are rewarded through shopping sprees in the store, based on the total amount spent by their guests.  The reward system is 10% of the total amount of funds spent at the party, and occasionally, gifts are offered to the hosts of the parties booked through the original. 

At these parties, this business owner encourages socialization with games and creates a warm, welcoming, open, and non-judgmental space where any questions about products or of a sexual nature, are encouraged.

Consumers can peruse and purchase this business’ products both at the store location for those not interested in hosting a party and on Facebook.  And in the future off of the e-commerce website. When purchases are made online through the Facebook platform using messenger, their orders are customarily either delivered or shipped to the individual making the purchase or a location of their choice.