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Coochy Mango Coconut Shave Cream 8.5 Oz.

Coochy Mango Coconut Shave Cream 8.5 Oz.

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Leaving you with the closest, most silky-feeling shave ever, Gogo Coco Shave Cream was specially formulated to prep, protect and nourish soon-to-be shaved AND newly shaven skin. Plus, it smells amazing!

Perfect for intimate areas plus legs, arms, face more, this ultra moisturizing formula doubles as a conditioner. Packed with jojoba oil and keratin to deeply quench dry skin and hair, this is one tub-side staple you'll never want to be without.  

Suitable for all skin types, Gogo Coco contains no sugars, parabens or sulfates, it's cruelty free and is made in the USA.

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