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Skins Rose Buddies - The Rose Twirlz

Skins Rose Buddies - The Rose Twirlz

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Cherish the moment as this violet virtuoso brings you towards a clitoral crescendo! Designed to minic the simulation of oral sex, the Rose Twirlz is a must-have for your bedside drawer collection. Its unique twirling action will offer you endless enjoyment, so why not indulge in some solo self-love time?

Discreet but powerful, this latest addition to the Skins Rose Buddies collection features a beautifully subtle design and its satisfying silicone body is soft to the touch. The Rose Twirl offers ten different pleasure settings, so you can set it to a pulsing motion, speed things up, or slow them down for a more sensual experience.

Safe to use in water, the vibrating rose toy is perfect for play when bathing or showering. It’s also equipped with a speedy USB charger, so you won’t have to put a pause on your pleasure.

Product Features:

10 pleasure settings
Unique tongue motion
Speedy USB charging (charger included)
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